SYMPL beauty space # Branding Agency The Whyte

SYMPL beauty space

Beauty salon

Task: rebranding of the beauty salon 

Solution: The key idea of ​​the new positioning was simplicity. This idea applies both to emotional things and to rational things. Real beauty is in simplicity. Real comfort is in the simple and convenient solutions. The name Sympl speaks directly about positioning and the laconic logo and corporate identity also supports the idea of ​​"simplicity".

Within the framework of the project we developed the name, slogan, logo, corporate identity, brand book and the principles of interior and exterior design. We also created a website for the project and a well thought-out CRM system, which allows to maximize individualization of the service – which means making the visit to SYMPL beauty space even easier and more enjoyable.

This project is the one of the winners at Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of 2018