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craft eco packs PAQQ

PAQQ is the company that creates craft eco-packaging. As you know, after a few years, plastic bags will be banned. Kraft bags are the perfect solution. They are quite durable, environmentally friendly, and most importantly - aesthetic. PAQQ plans to collaborate with leading Ukrainian illustrators, whose work will decorate the packages. For this project we developed a name, the slogan "package that cares", a logo, corporate identity and the concept of a creative campaign with illustrations as key images.

Creative concept:
Problem: our world is on the verge of an environmental disaster. Colonization of Mars or the search for other planets is not an option, because it will require a lot more resources than is necessary to normalize the environment on Earth.

Solution: the minimum that depends on us is the use of environmentally friendly packaging, such as PAQQ packages. We propose to illustrate this decision as follows - to show the amazing landscapes of other planets, which, alas, are not available to us. It is very beautiful there, but since we cannot get into these worlds, we should take care of our own world. Of course, together with PAQQ.