ARTFORMA # Branding Agency The Whyte


Distributor of the professional hair cosmetics. Rebranding

The task: to create the new identity for the company-distributor of professional hair cosmetics.

Solution: we developed the name ARTFORMA, which speaks about art and beauty in all of its forms. The word FORM is also one of the main professional terms among the hairdressers who are the target audience of the company. Also, we created the slogan Enriching Expectations, which speaks about the high level of products.

The corporate style of ARTFORMA is built on the principle of dynamic identity. The main visual element is a specific "cloud", which varies depending on the context. Together with the original font part of the logo we created a lot of both static and animated forms of "cloud" - from smoke, paint, colorful balls and powder.

Also we created various elements of corporate style, presentation materials and brandbook.